jakub sobotka




30. 4. - 12. 6. 2015 
MaGC, zámek Žerotínů, Valašské Meziříčí

Jakub Sobotka as a photographer works in cycles, series and projects almost exclusively in black and white tonality. The theme of portraits is the latest project he has just completed. It is symbolic that this happened in connection with TANECVALMEZ, because he has been actively involved in the organisational structure of the dance festival for a long time. The idea of portrait studies of the dance stars of this year's festival TANECVALMEZ - Czech 420PEOPLE and Norwegian Jo Strømgren Kompani originated during a visit to Norway in 2014.
Jakub does not work with compositions of dance performances in the authentic environment. He rather chooses a less distinctive expression - seemingly civilian portraits of dancers of both ensembles using a neutral portrait lighting and background. The sensitive art work seems calm at first sight, but not at all static. We, the exhibition visitors can study the facial expressions, the outlined dance position and we can surmise the temper of these excellent performers. It will therefore be very interesting to observe their performances on stage as well.

 Jaroslav Polášek